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Canvas Awnings and Canopies

Canvas awnings and canopies are striking and ehance the visual appeal of any home or building. They are available in virtually any shape, size, and color you might need. But the benefits of canvas awning are much greater than simply prettifying your windows, doors, and patios.

By shading the interior from the harsh rays of the sun, a canvas awning protects the furniture and carpets inside from fading, help make the interior more comfortable by reducing glare from the sun and reducing heat, and save energy costs by reducing the need for air conditioning.

In most homes, more air conditioning is lost through the windows and doors than through any other part of the home. On a hot day, the amount of heat that enters a home through a single square foot of unshaded glass is greater than the heat that enters through an entire insulated wall. Studies have shown that awnings can reduce heat gain by 55 to 65 percent during the part of the day when the sun shines directly on a southern-facing window.

Deck and Patio Canopies

Canvas canopies for your deck and patio provide pleasant shade for outdoor activities during the summer months. All too often, outdoor areas simply do not get used during hot weather because the heat of the sun is too uncomfortable.

With a quality canvas awning or canopy providing shelter, your family is more likely to spend time enjoying the outdoor areas you've so carefully planned. Awning and canopies also provide protection from rain, enabling you to enjoy your deck or patio even during a shower.

Tips for Planning Your Canvas Awning or Canopy

Canvas awnings brighten the appeal of any window or door

If the canopy or awning will be located in an area where people must walk under it, be sure that the lowest-hanging part of the material is high enough to provide headroom clearance. If your awning will have a metal frame, be particularly careful that people won't bump their heads on the framing. Remember that light colors reflect heat, while dark colors absorb heat, so lighter colors generally provide a cooler area underneath.

You might want to consider removable or retractable awnings or canopies, so that they can be removed during cooler seasons, when you want the warmth of the sunshine. Removable awnings and canopies are also make it easier to prepare for hurricanes — although canvas is a particularly sturdy and durable material, it's vulnerable to the high winds of hurricanes and tropical storms.

Awnings from Amazon


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ADVANING EA1310-A208H C Series Semi-Cassette Window/Door Canopy Sun Shade Retractable Awning, Canvas Umber

Price: $1,112.65

  • 3 New from $1,112.65
  • May Be Eligible for SuperSaver Free Shipping
  • Advaning C (Classic) Series awnings are professionally designed to deliver user-friendly features and superior quality. Quality 6063-T5 aluminum alloy using twin 316 grade stainless steel cables ensure corrosion-resistant durability for years to come. All C Series awnings come  ... read more »
  • Advaning Classic C Series electric with remote semi-cassette retractable awning, 9.8" H x 157" W x 118" D Projection, 84 lbs
  • Corrosion resistant 6063-T5 grade aluminum frame and arms along with UV80+ sun protective 100% Acrylic fabric is highly resistant to solar fading and mildew
  • Highly breathable Acrylic fabric won't trap heat and moisture like vinyl and polyester canopies are prone to do
  • Included - Wall and soffit installation brackets, Stainless steel 304 grade screws for wood or masonry applications, remote control and hand crank for electric/manual operation
  • Simple 1-step Easy Pitch system for front bar adjacent, no additional tools needed. 100% Fully assembled and ready for installation. Installation instructions and video available
  • Size: 13'x10'
  • Made by Advaning


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Kodiak 6133 Hydra Shield Canvas 12 X 9 Ft. 6-Person Tent w/ Deluxe Awning

Price: $719.00

  • 2 New from $719.00
  • FEATURES:- Spacious 7.5 ft peak ceiling height and steep walls. Stand up, walk around comfort. - Deluxe Awning 8 x 8.5 ft. with steel frame (option to set up with or without awning).- Large D-shaped front door, and side entry.- Hydra-ShieldTM 100% cotton duck canvas. Durable,  ... read more »
  • Spacious 7.5 ft peak ceiling height and steep walls. Stand up, walk around comfort.
  • Deluxe Awning 8 x 8.5 ft. with steel frame (option to set up with or without awning).
  • Large D-shaped front door, and side entry.
  • Hydra-ShieldTM 100% cotton duck canvas. Durable, watertight, and breathable.
  • Sturdy frame with reinforced welded corner braces.
  • Made by Kodiak


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ZLoader Thicken Industrial Rainproof Cloth Awning Cover Outdoor Awning Cloth Awning Cloth Wagon Canvas (Size : 5m4m)

Price: $251.86

  • 1 New from $251.86
  • Product Name: Tarp Waterproof Thick Camping Tarp ShelterMaterial: PVCColor: GrayWe usually ship within 3 days. Delivery time is 10-15 days. Tarps heavy-duty, waterproof and double laminated features makes them perfect for use as protection from wind, rain and sun. The long  ... read more »
  • ◆ Multipurpose - The Heavy Duty Tarps is rainproof and UV protection, perfect solution for your needs, can cover constructions work projects, protect cars, boats and hay bales.
  • ◆ Heavy Duty - The tent tarp shelter use high-temperature splicing technology, durable and no leaking, heavy enough to cover hay bales, will keep them dry and protect them until used.
  • ◆ High Quality - The tarp cover use high quality PE material with double laminated coating, blue coating on outer side, silver coating on inside.
  • ◆ Weatherproof - Sun and fade resistant, the tarps waterproof feature keeps covering constructions in perfect condition under bad weather conditions.
  • ◆ Satisfaction Guarantee - 30 days money back guarantee for return policy.
  • Size: 5m*4m
  • Made by ZLoader


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YJYFSB Rainproof Cloth, Green Padded Tarpaulin Canvas Awning Cloth Sunshade Car Tarpaulin (Size : 55m)

Price: $434.12

  • 1 New from $434.12
  • This green padded tarpaulin canvas tarpaulin sunshade car tarpaulin is made of high silicone canvas with a silicone canvas on the front and a PVC rubberized back. Each corner has a galvanized buttonhole. It is a great multi-purpose tarpaulin that can be used around the house and/ ... read more »
  • ▶Using silicone canvas, the weaving is tight, the external force is not easy to pull, and it is durable.
  • ▶The heat sealing and folding edge is processed by multi-channel multi-step process. The four sides are hot-sealed and folded, no pinholes, no water seepage, no cracking, no cracking, fine workmanship.
  • ▶Three-dimensional edging, the edge is wrapped with rope, beautiful, strong, durable
  • ▶ Weatherproof: Use our tarpaulin anywhere; they are waterproof, anti-corrosive and anti-mold, making them effective in any climate.
  • ▶The four sides and corners are equipped with galvanized buttonholes, no rust, 1m spacing, convenient for fixing
  • Size: 5*5m
  • Made by zhangjieming

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16FT SunSetter Coffee Stripe 1000XT Retractable Awning

1 refurbished from $1,259.00

    This Refurbished 16 ft. SunSetter 1000XT Awning is backed by SunSetter's 5 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty. The SunSetter Coffee Stripe fabric extends out 10 ft. 2 in. from your house and is made of an exclusive multilayer Vinyl material that is 100% waterproof and blocks  ... read more »
  • Awning Cover included PLUS Free Shipping!
  • Makes your deck or patio as much as 20 degrees cooler
  • Available in widths from 10 ft. up to 20 ft.
  • Guards your family and guests from harmful UV rays
  • 90-Day No-Risk Home Trial
  • Made by SunSetter Products


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Awnings Umbrellas Shade PVC Rain Cloth Sun Protection Tarpaulin Waterproof Canopy Cloth Truck Canvas Waterproof Plastic Cloth Oil Cloth Anti-Aging Coating Layer Strong Polyester Canvas

Price: $252.44

  • 1 New from $252.44
  • Welcome to our shop.

    This is a high quality transparent rain cloth, waterproof, sun protection, outdoor shade cloth shed.

    ♫ Material: PVC.

    ♫ Installation: Pull the rope.

    ♫ Process: Manual green production, no discoloration, no deformation.

    ... read more »
  • ♫ The rain cloth is preferably industrial polyester yarn + PVC coating, and the sun tarpaulin is made of industrial polyester woven canvas as the base cloth, and the plastic cloth is double-coated with PVC coating.
  • ♫ Dust-proof cloth soft fabric, can be folded canvas, canopy is not easy to damage, truck canvas is easy to store and carry.
  • ♫ The tarpaulin adds thick rope to increase the pulling force, the sunshade shed tightly, and the canopy thicken the edging rope to increase the overall pulling force. The outdoor sunshade shed has a stronger pulling force.
  • ♫ Waterproof canvas black triangle wrap angle, plastic cloth effectively protects the position and wear of the corner force point, and the rain cloth is more durable.
  • ♫ Tarpaulin high-quality 17mm buckle, waterproof cloth installed on the four sides of 17mm iron buttonhole, canopy convenient fixed, awning use more worry-free.
  • Size: 4*6 m/157*236 inch
  • Made by Chi Cheng Fang Electronic business


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MS Thickening Tarpaulin Polyvinyl Chloride Double-sided Waterproof Sun Protection Canvas Awning Tear Resistance Cover Cloth Outdoor, 420g/m², Thickness 0.35mm @ (Color : Blue, Size : 4X7m)

Price: $281.17

  • 1 New from $281.17
  • Product name: Tarpaulin

    Material: Polyvinyl chloride

    Weight: 420g/m²

    Thickness: 0.35mm

    Size: (Length X width) 2X2m, 2X3m, 3X4m, 4X4m, 4X6m, 4X8m, 5X6m, 5X7m, 6X6m, tarpaulin size can be customized

    Details: 4 corner reinforcements, evenly fixed  ... read more »

  • Whether it is a cold winter or a hot summer, the tarpaulin is very suitable as a cover for the roof, can prevent UV rays, and can also play a role in keeping warm.
  • The tarpaulin can meet the different needs of your outdoor activities. It can be used for waterproof sunscreen requirements for cars, camping, festivals, picnics, beaches, trucks, shelters for animals, etc.
  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride coating, high temperature heat sealing technology, high-strength polyester yarn woven into the base fabric, tear resistance
  • Weight: 420g/m², Thickness: 0.35mm
  • Features: wear-resistant, collapsible, waterproof, windproof, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, anti-sun, frost resistance
  • Size: 4X7m
  • Made by MING REN SHOP


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Awnings Umbrellas Shade Waterproof Cloth Tarpaulin Rain Cloth Car Canvas Waterproof Sun Protection Rain Cover Canvas Knife Cloth Truck Cover Durable Anti-Aging Wear-Resistant Lightweight

Price: $289.48

  • 1 New from $289.48
  • Welcome to our shop.

    This is a high quality transparent rain cloth, waterproof, sun protection, outdoor shade cloth shed.

    ♫ Material: PVC.

    ♫ Installation: Pull the rope.

    ♫ Process: Manual green production, no discoloration, no deformation.

    ... read more »
  • ♫ A selection of high-strength yarns are woven into polyester canvas. The fabric is soft and easy to fold. It uses a large high-frequency process, high-temperature splicing without seams, strong tarpaulins, and a durable knife cloth to make the tarpaulin more solid.
  • ♫ The truck cover cloth is preferably made of PVC, and its thickness is visible. The thickness of the thin and powerful truck tarpaulin stems from the optimization of the material, which allows the awning to last for a long time and makes the tarpaulin more durable.
  • ♫ The poncho adds a double edging and the sunscreen is wrapped around the fabric at a high temperature of 600 degrees Celsius by a heat sealing edging technique to make the edging more durable.
  • ♫ Elastic cloth 17mm high quality buckle, awning punched through the machine, a diameter of 17mm to facilitate the fixation and pull. Double edging, black triangle fixed, so that the sky is more durable point of force, making it long-lived.
  • ♫ Outdoor buffon soft fabrics, high-strength ribbed woven fabrics, and custom-made windshields are simple and easy to care for.
  • Size: 3.85*5.8 m/152*228 inch
  • Made by Chi Cheng Fang Electronic business


More Info

Tarpaulin Outdoor Thickening Rain-Proof Flame Retardant Shade Cloth Car Greenhouse Canvas Awning Cloth 0.55Mm,4.5Mx10m

Price: $307.93

  • 1 New from $307.93
  • Product Name: Rainproof clothProduct material: polyester yarn + PVC + flame retardantProduct width: 2 metersProduct weight: 600 g / square meterProduct thickness: 0.6MMPitch: 10CMEdge: sealed with PE ropeFeatures: waterproof, sunscreen, tear-proof, cold-proof, anti-freeze, anti- ... read more »
  • Double-sided waterproof material, soft, smooth surface, using heat sealing welding technology, a large amount of water does not seep.
  • Good material, flame retardant, self-extinguishing, using high-strength polyester long mesh cloth + double-sided uniform knife scraping PVC glue + fireproof three perfect combination.
  • The knife-scratch coating process lasts longer.
  • The material is soft and easy to fold. When it is used up, it can be washed with water and then dried and folded.
  • Thick galvanized buttonhole, rust-resistant, anti-oxidation and durable.
  • Size: 4.5mx10m
  • Made by AYMMY


More Info

Awnings Umbrellas Shade Waterproof Cloth Truck Canopy Cloth Rain Cloth Polyester Canvas Thicken Canvas Tarpaulin PVC rain Cloth Rain Cloth (Color : Green, Size : 45 m/157197 inch)

Price: $257.81

  • 1 New from $257.81
  • Welcome to our shop.

    This is a high quality transparent rain cloth, waterproof, sun protection, outdoor shade cloth shed.

    ♫ Material: PVC.

    ♫ Installation: Pull the rope.

    ♫ Process: Manual green production, no discoloration, no deformation.

    ... read more »
  • ♥ The sunshade is made of high-strength polyester fiber. The tarpaulin is made of 2*2 yarn and weaving the weft and weft as the base fabric to make the tarpaulin more strong.
  • ♥ Strong canvas rain, waterproof fabric does not seepage, tarpaulin waterproof and rainproof, wear-resistant anti-sun, long-life aging woven cloth, Seiko secret agents, thick visible, rain cloth every process details are strictly controlled.
  • ♥ Dustproof cloth is made of PVC material, linoleum soft fabric, canvas can be folded freely, tarpaulin is not easy to damage, easy to store and carry.
  • ♥ The rainproof cloth and thick rope enhance the pulling force, the elastic cloth tightly locks the edge, and the canopy cloth thicken the edge wrapping rope to increase the overall pulling force. The outdoor product tent BLAIL is more powerful.
  • ♥ Tent cloth black triangle corner, truck cover effectively protect the position of the corner point and wear, strong and durable, high quality 17 mm buckle, awning cloth installed on the four sides of 17 mm iron buttonhole, canvas easy to fix, rain cloth use more worry.
  • Size: 4*5 m/157*197 inch
  • Made by Chi Cheng Fang Electronic business
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