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Canvas Country Home

Canvas Awnings and Canopies

Canvas awnings and canopies are striking and ehance the visual appeal of any home or building. They are available in virtually any shape, size, and color you might need. But the benefits of canvas awning are much greater than simply prettifying your windows, doors, and patios.

By shading the interior from the harsh rays of the sun, a canvas awning protects the furniture and carpets inside from fading, help make the interior more comfortable by reducing glare from the sun and reducing heat, and save energy costs by reducing the need for air conditioning.

In most homes, more air conditioning is lost through the windows and doors than through any other part of the home. On a hot day, the amount of heat that enters a home through a single square foot of unshaded glass is greater than the heat that enters through an entire insulated wall. Studies have shown that awnings can reduce heat gain by 55 to 65 percent during the part of the day when the sun shines directly on a southern-facing window.

Deck and Patio Canopies

Canvas canopies for your deck and patio provide pleasant shade for outdoor activities during the summer months. All too often, outdoor areas simply do not get used during hot weather because the heat of the sun is too uncomfortable.

With a quality canvas awning or canopy providing shelter, your family is more likely to spend time enjoying the outdoor areas you've so carefully planned. Awning and canopies also provide protection from rain, enabling you to enjoy your deck or patio even during a shower.

Tips for Planning Your Canvas Awning or Canopy

Canvas awnings brighten the appeal of any window or door

If the canopy or awning will be located in an area where people must walk under it, be sure that the lowest-hanging part of the material is high enough to provide headroom clearance. If your awning will have a metal frame, be particularly careful that people won't bump their heads on the framing. Remember that light colors reflect heat, while dark colors absorb heat, so lighter colors generally provide a cooler area underneath.

You might want to consider removable or retractable awnings or canopies, so that they can be removed during cooler seasons, when you want the warmth of the sunshine. Removable awnings and canopies are also make it easier to prepare for hurricanes — although canvas is a particularly sturdy and durable material, it's vulnerable to the high winds of hurricanes and tropical storms.