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About Custom Marine Canvas Covers

Custom marine canvas covers, bimini tops, and sail coversCustom canvas covers aren't limited to boats. This small plane sports a custom-designed canvas cockpit cover.

Many boat owners buy marine canvas covers that are custom-designed and custom-made for a perfect fit. The best custom boat canvas covers use only Sunbrella® brand fabrics so that your custom covers will be durable, fade-resistant, and tough enough to withstand the severe sun and weather conditions found in the south. Sunbrella fabrics are woven, which keeps them from trapping heat and moisture, and are resistant to tearing, shrinking or mildewing.

Quality custom canvas shops have extensive experience in custom designing, fabricating and installing custom marine canvas covers, bimini tops, dodgers and cockpit enclosures, and just about every type of marine cover and enclosure possible.

Precise Measurements are Needed for Exact Fit

They will will discuss your needs and requirements, come out to your boat to take precise measurements, fabricate exactly what you need according to your specifications, and professionally install your new boat cover, bimini, dodger, or cockpit enclosure.

With meticulous attention to detail and obsession with fine workmanship and quality materials, a custom marine canvas shop is the perfect choice when you need a mooring cover, dodger, helm cover, screen enclosure, or any type of custom marine canvas cover or enclosure.

Off-the-Shelf Canvas Covers

Many canvas product manufacturers provide canvas boat covers in pre-fabricated configurations to fit specific type of boats or equipment. Ready-made covers are available in popular sizes for v-hull, pontoon boats, and so forth, and it's likely that you can purchase ready-made canvas covers, hatch covers, or other covers for your boat without having to pay for custom fabrication.

One factor to consider when purchasing a standard, or ready-made, canvas boat cover is that it is likely to have a looser fit on your boat. A canvas cover that fits too loosely will not be suitable for trailering, so if you plan to trailer your boat, particularly at highway speeds, you may find that a custom cover will be your best option.

Many cover manufacturers offer canvas boat covers designed for specific boat makes and models, so that you can buy an off-the-shelf cover that's designed specifically to fit your Boston Whaler Super Sport or Hydra-Sport Prowler. These covers will generally offer a better fit than a cover designed for the more generic "type" of boat. Often, such boat covers will have a fit sufficiently tight to permit trailering. They cost a little more, but you'll find that the expense may be well worth it for the trailerability and the additional protection they provide.